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In some months the Olympic Games will take place again in London. As we are now so worried about the eurocrisis I just wonder if the eurocrisis may affect the Olympic Games in some way.

One of the results of the eurocrisis could be that fewer people from Europe come to see the Games. Another result is that eurozone countries should spend not much for the Olympic Games. To ask austerity to the citizens and then spend a lot of money for the Olympic Games seems to be like a provocation.

I remember that some years ago, when London was chosen, I was quite happy. I like very much London so the Olympic Games was a kind of opportunity to go back to London. But now, with the current situation inside the eurozone I am not so sure it is a good idea to spend precious money. Maybe if London was inside the eurozone it could be a money well spent but reading some newspapers and some politicians like David Cameron I just feel that maybe it is better to be cautious.

Some years ago I saw some central phone boxes where you could use euros. Who knows, maybe if we could go to London during the Olympic Games and pay in euros then maybe it would be a good reason to go to London. Not because we could pay in euros but because it would be a friendly sign towards the eurozne visitors.

The five Olympic rings represent the five cont...

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