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DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Cameron, Le...


I just have had an idea that seems quite foolish but that would make me happy to go to visit London during the Olympic Games. Let me explain:

Some hours ago David Cameron has talked about the eurocrisis as a opportunity. Well: this is the opportunity I see:

Next year with the eurocrisis less people from the eurozone would come to London for the Olympic Games. So one idea I have is to welcome people from the eurozone in a friendly way: to let them pay with euros! During the dates of the Olympic Games London could make something that maybe never before has been done: use three currencies: the pound, the dollar and the euro!

This would be quite good for London because it will bring more tourists from Europe! One unique opportunity to pay in euros or dollars in London cannot be missed!

How this would work?

Well, shops and establishments which would like to accept euros and dollars would put adverts on their entrances!

Anyway, I am afraid that this won’t happen …


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