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German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a booth on ...


Some hours ago Angela Merkel said that we were living in one of the worse times after WWII. She said that or something like that. I think that the problem is not that we are living in such a bad moment. The problem is that we maybe heading to that bad moment!

So in this post I wanted to show my support to Angela Merkel, Some British newspapers, like THE TIMES, seem to portray a Europe where Angela Merkel is the evil and the countries of southern Europe are their victims. I just see that the opposite way! I like Angela Merkel! And in fact since Spain is being rules from Berlin I feel much better!

I wanted to write this post because some want to break Europe. They know that we are in very difficult times. But through all this hard time there is one thought that keeps me alive and happy: my memories of my German friends! Some of the best people I have known are German people and if I trust Angela Merkel is because when I see her I remember my friends!

I am sure that my German friends also remember me when they hear about the economic situation of Spain. So I feel united to them.

It is not just some countries that decided to have a common currency. It is just my friends and I sharing a common currency.

To want to put people againt current Germany because of its nazi past is non sense and ridiculous. During decades and decades German people have being putting money that came to Spain. Now it is our time to show that we can handle our economy and that we deserve to share a currency with Germans. By my part, my German friends can be sure I will do all I share the currency with them.


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