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This image shows Angela Merkel who is the Chan...


THE.CAT – First of all let me thank you for this unique interview. I have always dreamt to talk to you.

ANGELA MERKEL – Sweet dreams are made of this …

THE.CAT – Well, in some days in Spain we are having a general election. Who should I vote?

ANGELA MERKEL – Why do you ask me such a question?

THE.CAT – Well, I just ask you this question because I have the feeling that currently Spain and other countries are in your hands so I think it would be nice to know how can I accomodate …

ANGELA MERKEL – Excuse me, my dear. Somebody is phoning me. Just a moment … Hello? Hello, Mr. Cameron, what do you want?

DAVID CAMERON – Hello Angela, I hope you don’t find me to be too dishonest but I would like to know if you know when the euro will fall because I want to make a big party in Hyde Park …

ANGELA MERKEL – How dare you! … Well, THE.CAT let’s continue with the interview, it was just a nuisance call … What we were saying?

THE.CAT – Well, I just wanted to know who should I vote so that Europe continues to rescue Spain.

ANGELA MERKEL – Oh, excuse again, I have another call. Hello? Hello, Qatar Foundation?

QATAR FOUNDATION – Hello, Angela! Here in Qatar we are just worried that you cannot continue throwing us money by buying our oil so we would be happy to help you …

ANGELA MERKEL – Ok, let talk about this later. I just have another call waiting? Hello? Obama? How are you?

OBAMA – Hello Angela. I just wanted you to continue without solving the eurocrisis. It is very important for us. If you solve the crisis then speculators may realise that the US enormous debt is the real problem …

ANGELA MERKEL – Well, one moment, please. What are you going?

THE.CAT – Sorry, Frau Angela, I see you are too busy. Anyway, I have not more money for this phone call and I know that you cannot spend too in a reverse call.

ANGELA MERKEL – Oh well, oh well, Qatar Foundation? Are you still there? Oh sheisse! Obama are you there? Oh scheisse? THE.CAT are you there? Sheisse! Niemand da! Allein wie immer!




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