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I hear people saying that a solution to the eurocrisis is just that the ECB (European Central Banks) starts printing money as normally any national bank does. But the problem is that the ECB cannot print money just to save a country. But it is obvious that things can be changed. The real problem is that Germany does not want the ECB to print money because it is afraid that by doing that the countries with debt won’t cut expenses and that the inflation of the Weimar Republik could become alive again. Eurobonds are also a possible solution but Germany does not want them either.

So, the situation is very strange. German taxpayers have been paying for decades to other states in Europe (Spain, for example, has received a lot of money from German taxpayers) Angela Merkel says that if the euro falls Europe falls. So here we have a problem!

Angela Merkel and people in Southern Europe want the survival of the euro. But both are putting the euro in great danger! The southern countries are putting the euro in danger because markets are afraid they won’t pay its debt. Germany is putting the euro in danger because Germany could say that the rules of the ECB should be changed so that it can print money to rescue countries!

If we want to solve the eurocrisis I hear voices that say that the only solution is for the ECB to print more money. On the other hand you cannot make Germans pay for the wrongdoing of southerners (some of them)

For the things I read the only solution I can imagine is to let the ECB TO PRINT AS MUCH MONEY AS NEEDED! In this way the markets cannot attack anymore any eurozone state.

So, because Germany will be hurt by this (now it is the opposite! the markets do not want bonds of other countries but they love to buy German bonds. Is this what Angela Merkel means when she says MEHR EUROPA?) well, Germany should be compensated in some way! Maybe Germany should be excluded during five years to pay to Europe. Well, maybe that is not possible but what I mean is that Germany should be compensated in some way.

The current situation is not fair because Germany tells us what we should do but the rest of us cannot say anything! This is not MEHR EUROPA!

I think that the eurozone should reach an agreement: all the eurozone countries commit themselves to act with responsability (German style) and Germany commits itself to lose a bit: WE NEED A EUROZONE THAT IT IS MORE GERMAN BUT ALSO A GERMANY THAT IT IS MORE EUROZONE!

Germany must realise that the euro cannot be the deutsche mark! It must be s weaker currency because the people of the eurozone we are not all Germans! This is a very hard thing to do for Germany but I think this is the only solution. But Germany should ONLY DO THAT if AT THE SAME TIME, THE REST OF THE EUROZONE, becomes more German! And becoming for me more German does not mean to learn German … but to act in a responsible way. I admire Germany because the people I know from Germany were responsible and nice people.

If we want to build a common house, the EUROZONE, it is obvious that the example must be countries like Germany. But at the same time, Germany must realise that Germany should also adapt! The less Germany adapts to the rest of the eurozone and the more the eurozone adapts to Germany the best for the eurozone because it would mean that the euro is closer to the prestige of the old deutsche mark. But that said it is obvious that Germany has to choose between returning to its deutsche mark or remain in the eurozone. You cannot have both ways. Sacrifices should be made by all!

Well, maybe I am wrong. I wish I knew more about economy but I was nver interested in economy until the eurocrisis surfaced.



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  2. Financiers’ Reich is Buying Some European Countries
    I intend to investigate an assumption that major German and British investment banks and financiers who are the main creditors and lenders for many European countries in the last twenty years deliberately created the current European sovereign debt disasters to gain control over certain countries.

    The reason behind this accusation is very logical and clear. To protect investors, normal creditors in any situation shall definitely refrain from lending to any already heavily indebted entity or state.
    The questions posed here to readers are:

    1- Do you have any idea why these investment banks and financiers provided bad debts?

    2- Do you know the names and ownerships of the major investors and creditors to each European country in crisis?

    3- Why the EU institutions did not warn and intervene before approving the loans to heavily indebted countries?

    4- Why the EU is suddenly very vigorous in dealing with debt default and bankruptcy while they were watching the clear problems in the making?

    5- What made elected governments exceed any reasonable debt ceiling and overspend beyond their capacity?

    6- Why the essential financial and economic prerequisites of the EU were relaxed and allowed heavily indebted countries to gain membership?

    7- How far the EU and the financial markets are legally allowed to topple democratically elected governments and appoint unelected rulers?

    8- What are the invisible relationships between the EU institutions and those investment banks and financiers?

    9- Why the credit rating system was not applied to states that exceeded reasonable Debt/GDP ratio?

    10- Why very rich countries like the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, and the UK are the top indebted countries without interference?

    I appreciate any information and comments on these questions to let everybody know the truth behind the unholy alliance between bankers; bureaucrats; and senior officials in any country.

    The core of the problem was most likely irresponsible lending by banks. A credit bubble was created through banks lending out money to individuals and businesses to acquire assets that proved to be worth less than the amount of the loans. This was especially true in the real estate sector – something we also saw happening in the United States.
    What is called “irresponsible lending by banks” is actually a deliberate act of sabotage for the sovereignty of specifically targeted some European states.

    It is a replay of the tragic comedy “The Merchant of Venice”. cutting a iuſt pound of his fleſh

    But can the money lenders take their loot without dropping blood?

    These debts were made with evil intentions and they must be either written off or rescheduled by the people without additional usury.

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