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Museo del Prado

Image by Jim the Chin via Flickr

These last weeks we have been reading about the eurozne asking China to help with the eurocrisis so I wonder if Europe is really so poor that needs money from abroad.

So I wonder what happens with the gold reserves of each country? Do all have gold reserves? What happens in Greece, for example?

I also wonder if one way to make the markets have trust in one country would be to put art as a security. As far as I know Italy, for example, is full of pieces of art. How much does the MUSEO DEL PRADO, in Madrid, is worth? I am not talking about selling the pieces of art but just using the pieces of art to bring back calm to Europe!

Maybe it is time that the museums of the eurozone show ads in their names. For example, MUSEO DEL PRADO could be called for a 10 year period MUSEO GOOGLE PRADO. I know it does not sound good but if the situation is extreme we need extreme solutions. In Barcelona we could change the name of PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA for a period of ten years. We could call it SONY GRÀCIA. Europe is full of art. Maybe it is time to use that in a bigger scale.

Who knows, maybe even names of countries could have an ad … Ads could be added to the national flags ….

I know all this sounds awful but it will give us time to recover in some way.


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