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Mariano Rajoy


If you ask people who will vote PP in the next elections they will tell you so and people who will vote, for example, PSOE, will tell you the opposite. One could also ask oneself what I mean by being a good president.

I am quite worries about Mariano Rajoy because now it is not just that he is from the right or the left it is just the fact that he may be a good or bad politician.

Spain is in one of its worst situations since decades so if Mariano Rajoy becomes president what he does will affect Spain in an incredible way. In fact the eurozone future is also related to what Mariano rajoy acts.

I do not know if he can be a good or bad president. In anycase I just hope that he knows to be together with the right people.

Whatever he does I will always ask myself what Rubalcaba have done in his case. And I mean in his case because it Rubalcaba loses what he may do maybe quite different from what he might have done if winner. Anyway, we still have to vote.

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