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Rubalcaba en Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Image by Con Rubalcaba via Flickr

It seems that the next president of Spain will be Mariano Rajoy. At least this is what the polls suggest. As the situation in Spain and in Europe is so dramatic I  think that we are in such a bad situation that maybe it is better to forget about the right and the left and just choose the best possible candidate.

So as I feel that the next president of Spain will just be the new pupil of my beloved Frau Merkel and will have to dance according to Europe I just wonder if Rubalcaba would not be a better choice.

I am not thinking about choosing Rubalcaba because a left government would be the best or choosing Mariano Rajoy because a righ government would be the best. I am just think about the real man behind these two Spanish men.

For me the situation is so dramatic that I would have not problem to vote to a party that is the opposite of my usual choices if I thought that that party could help with Europe not breaking apart.

Rubalcaba has for me the following points to consider:

– He speaks English, French and a bit of German. For me this is very important because now the world has become quite smaller so that the next president must be able to speak foreign languages. Maybe Rajoy also seaks foreign languages. I do not know.

– ETA, the nightmare of Spain, has said it won’t kill anymore. It seems that it has been ETA the one to decide so. In any case this has happened while Rubalcaba was in the Spanish government. I do not mean that ETA has ended killing because of Rubalcaba but who knows, maybe a lot of things have helped. History will tell how much Rubalcaba had helped in that.

– Rubalcaba and Zapatero have sacrificed their party for Spain. Maybe I am wrong but I have the feeling that between the PP and the PSOE has been a kind of secret agreement. The PSOE has asked the PP to help to the end of ETA by just trying to be a bit moderate. In this way the PSOE has acted more relaxed to find a solution about ETA. The PP has asked as a condition not to stop the PSOE trying to find a solution for ETA. PP would have asked the head of Zapatero. It is obvious that Zapatero has killed himself politically speaking

So now the next president of Spain maybe will be Rajoy becuase this is the prize that the PSOE had to pay for the PP to accept the end of ETA with a government of the PSOE. I have this suspicion because nor Rubalcaba nor Zapatero are using the end of ETA to win votes! This means for me that there is a secret agreement between PSOE and PP for that! If this is the case that would mean that Rubalcaba and Zapatero are really excellent politicians because they would have sacrificed their own party for the well being of Spain: the end of ETA.

What I mean with all this is that maybe Rubalcaba would be a good president. His love for his country is so great that he and Zapatero have sacrificed the PSOE for the elections of November 20th.

All that said and mentioning that Rubalcaba seems a very clever amn who knows how to explain things now I will say that about Mariano Rajoy I cannot say much.

Without taking into consideration that he will be a return to the right for Spain I just wonder if he will be a good or bad president. I find a bit strange that so many people say they will vote a man who is such a mystery. Maybe Mariano rajoy is good as an opposition leader but I wonder if he can be a right president. Until now I always hear him saying this and that but one thing is talk and another is acting.

In the following months a lot of protests will happen in Spain as “Merkel austerity” will harm people here. I can imagine here two Rajoys: The one that complies with Europe as Zapatero did. In this case a lot of protest is sure. It could also happen that Rajoy prefers to challenge Europe and the markets. I cannot imagine that happening but if this happened I would be terrified because challenging Europe from the right in Spain brings me horrendous memories.

I understand perfectly well that a lot of people say they will vote Mariano Rajoy. The situation is so bad that it is quite logical to look for a new government. But maybe the mistake can be that we forget an old Spanish proverb: “MÁS VALE MALO CONOCIDO QUE BUENO POR CONOCER” (it is better something known although bad than something good but yet unknown …)

I suspect that Rubalcaba could be a better choice as chief in charge. I think that people outside Spain will trust more Rubalcaba than Mariano Rajoy. Mariano Rajoy is too mysterious.

Anyway, I maybe wrong. I just wish Mariano Rajoy the best if he finally ends as president of Spain. Now I cannot imagine him as a president of a country full of protests in the streets. Rubalcaba seems to me more prepared for that- Rubalcaba would try with words to convince Spanish people about austerity coming from Europe. People would know why we have to sacrifice. With Mariano Rajoy I think that he will have to find very good people around him because he won’t be so convincing as Rubalcaba.

I just imagine Mariano Rajoy and Rubalcaba as doctors who have to cut a leg or arm. I imagine Rubalcaba telling the patient that he has to cut the arm because if not then the patient would die. I imagine Mariano Rajoy just … WELL, THAT’S THE PROBLEM! MARIANO RAJOY IS A MYSTERY! Would he say something before cutting the leg?

Until now we know that the PSOE was complying with Merkel. Will Rajoy continue like that? I find weird that in a time of such uncertainty so many people want to vote to a man that is a whole mystery!

Maybe the right people are the ones who say that Spain should have a new government made of the different parties. Maybe Rubalcaba and Rajoy together could be the solution to current troubles. MARIANO RAJOY , and I hope I am wrong, I think that if he becomes next president of Spain, will need to convince people of the hard times that come. And I am afraid Rajoy is not a good communicator. I see Rubalcaba as a much better communicator. I find Rajoy too much dogmatic and I am much afraid of it. I am even worried that he puts Spain against Germany. If he does that then it won’t be its fault but the fault of all the people that so blindly voted to him. Let’s hope I am wrong. Zapatero made a lot of mistakes but he was right at least once: when he realises he had been wrong. The humility of Zapatero maybe is the cause that now Spain is not in the situation of Greece and Italy. I am afraid that Rajoy puts Spain before Europe. And for me that would be a big mistake. Because Europe must be put before Spain because Spain without Europe is the memory of Franco like Germany without Europe is the memory of Hitler. The EU is the light that keeps at a distance the ghosts of this old Europe.


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