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Silvio Berlusconi in a meeting


Some days ago I was sad as I saw people in Italy cheering up because Berlusconi was not more their prime minister. I think that it was not good for Italy to have such a man as prime minister but I think it is not good either the way he is out of power.

In general I dislike Berlusconi although I must admit that sometimes I find him funny. He seems to me the kind of man that you love with passion or you hate with passion.

But although I was always wishing that Berlusconi was out of Italian government I feel that the reasons for its departure are a big worry. Berlusconi should have left the government because of the scandals or the words he said about Angela Merkel. But strange as it may seem to me, since he is out of the Italian government I like Berlusconi a bit.

As we have a common currency it is obvious that countries should act accordingly so it was wrong that Berlusconi promised to the eurozone to bring austerity measures and then not comply with his promises.

But there is something wrong about what has happened because it can be the seed of future extremism.

I like Angela Merkel and I like Germany. I have been there and I love the way things go. But I think there is the danger that Germany tells us us what to do and we, “the poor and lazy people of the south” cannot say a word!

The eurozone is controlled by Germany. But who controls Germany? The bonds of Spain and Italy (and france, etc) are having problems while the German ones take advantage of this? Is this fair?

I have the feeling as if Italy and Greece are run from Berlin. Spain is also run from Berlin but as we do as they tell us they let us play theatre and imagine that we still have our own government and our own elections and so on.

Anyway, I imagine that in Italy there must be also people who disliked Berlusconi who realise that the fall of Berlusconi, IN THIS WAY, has not really been good. The judges and the citizens were the ones who should have decided his future. Unfortunately this unexpected fall will have repercussions in the future, I am afraid.


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