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Mariano Rajoy en Barcelona


In some days we have elections in Spain. The polls say that the winner will be Mariano Rajoy, the leader of the Partido Popular (PP). At the same time these hours the markets are attacking again the Spanish sovereign debt. So, as there are very few doubts that the next president will be Mariano Rajoy (by a large majority it seems) I have the feeling that the possible new government of Mariano Rajoy is not bringing peace to the markets.

The party of Mariano Rajoy says that a government of him will be good for the markets but I think that the situation is so bad that the markets distrust Spain in general.

Maybe a lot of people will vote Mariano Rajoy believing that by voting him the markets will trust Spain but as far as I see I think this maybe not the case. By that I don’t mean that a possible win of Rubalcaba would improve or worsen the markets.

It is so weird! The situation is currently so bad that maybe in Spain we should not be voting for the party that may be good to calm the markets in the long run but just now!

I feel we are in an emergency!

It is as a family that owes money to the landlord and the landlord askes for the rent. The family tells the landlord that now they are deciding who will ahndle the economy in the family. For the landlord it is important just to get the rent so he is frustrated with the internal decisions inside the family.

In some way now we have a shock between markets and democracy! Markets run fast and Democracy runs slow! Markets should then run less or Democracy must be faster!

I feel as if I was inside a Greek Tragedy. And I know I am just in the first scene of it. It is awful.


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