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José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy...


Before the elections some people in the PP said that thanks to the PP the rates that Spain pays to borrow money would fall. As all the polls suggested that the PP would win by large I just found strange that the markets did not take into account that and in fact the costs were already skyrocketing before the elections!

Now that Mariano Rajoy has won we see that the victory of Mariano Rajoy has not brought down the costs (as some people in PP suggested) but all the opposite!

So now in Spain we could be quarrelling about which party, the PSOE or the PP, is the champion in making the markets nervous! During months it was the PP who said that is was Zapatero the problem. Now , with the victory of Mariano Rajoy, the markets are attacking us again and reaching historical levels.

So, a possible conclusion is that maybe the markets don’t trust the S`panish politicians in general!

So (again) I think that we should stop blaming each other and unite!

To be happy because now with te PP as the winner the rates are too high is stupid because it is the Spanish state in general the one that is losing with those rates!

So, I just wish Mariano Rajoy acts quickly and says something to the markets! He should travel to Germany maybe this week and talk with Angela Merkel!

We are in such an emergency that the smoke of the fire is so spread that it is senseless to look if the people around us are dressed in blue or red or any other colour. I think it is time we try all together to fight against the fire and the smoke. One we have extinguished the fire we will have time to battle again according to our colours.

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