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Mariano Rajoy en Bilbao. Imagen tomada por Ike...


Spain and the eurozone are in an emergency. The fact that now Mariano Rajoy is not yet the president of Spain means that the markets are punishing Spain. So the markets are punishing the pockets of Spanish people because we have to pay too much to borrow money.

So, because we are in an emergency I think that Mariano Rajoy should have powers as soon as possible!

There are to obstacles for this:

– the Spanish laws

– Zapatero maybe

About the Spanish laws I just hope that these lwas have some flesiblity in case of emergency. People say we should not be hostages of the markets. And should Spain be hostige or some laws that now go against the general interests?

About Zapatero I just want to ask to Zapatero that he does all he can to help Spain not to pay so much for borrowing money. I am sure he will think more about Spain than about him so he will leave as sson as possible.

I hope also that Rajoy is good enough to do the things in a way that Zapatero can go with some dignity is there is still some left after such a result this Sunday.

It is necessary to tell people that Zapatero should go immediately not because he is so bad for the economy right now! The problem now is that the markets want to know what we are going to do!

Zapatero should not go immediately because with Rajoy the markets will calm immediately! Zapatero should go immediately because if he does not go maybe Spain could make all Europe fall! The eurozone cannot afford a Spain that needs a bailout! Maybe Rajoy becomes president immediately and he is not able to bring calm to the markets! But at least, in this emergency, we should let him try!

In a perfect world we could say that the problem is the problem of the markets and that they should respect our democracy and our laws so that they had to wait until Rajoy becomes president in some weeks! But the markets are something abstract whose only interest is to gain money and not risk them!

When I say that Rajoy should become president immediately I am not saying that democracy should be ruled by the speed of the markets! I just want to say that we have to show that we are wise enough to be fast when needed! Because, AFET ALL, it is in our interest that we pay less interests!

I agree with the timings of democracy! But if we want the slow path of democracy to prevail then we have to get sure that in the future we are not so dependent of borrowing money! I think the problem are not the markets but the fact that we owe money and the current situation is so bad markets don’t trust us! By making Mariano Rajoy president immediately Spain would give a message that we are able t adapt us to new situations!

I think it is time to be humble and think about Europe. We are in a very bad situation or maybe not. For the first time in history what Spain does or not could change the future of Europe. For the first time in recent decades Spain has the opportunity to be a land that brings stability and propsterity to Europe. Spain can be one more country that put the euro in danger of collapse or Spain could become that state in the South of Europe that help to save the euro! Now we have the opportunity to fall and make Europe fall or we can make Spain a pillar of Soutern Europe! Now we can become the Germany of the South or the Greece of the West. I just hope that we become the Germany of the South. And I hope Italy, Greece and Portugal also show to Europe that we want to be responsible countries of a united Europe.


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