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Audience with H.M. The King Juan Carlos I

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It seems that the situation in Spain is terrible as anyone reading the news can see. But I find weird that the Spanish monarchy is so silent in these moments of emergency. Yesterday the King Juan Carlos was news but not because he said something but because he had an accident.

I was just wondering if with this so difficult situation the Spanish Monarchy could not help. Maybe they cut cut expenses but there is one new thing that I just have imagined that could be good: That Juan Carlos lets his son Felipe to be the next King of Spain right now.

I know that in the UK the Queen has a certain age too but things are different. Here we have no Price Charles. I think that Felipe as a new King maybe could help into this crisis.

Maybe one could say too that now it is the worse time to make changes because with the current economic situation to talk just about the monarchy would make a lot of people to be contrary to the monarchy because it is expensive. But I think it could be the contrary! By just bringing the monarchy now to the focus of the news again the new King could start its mandate as a King born with austerity.

A Monarchy that remains silent in difficult times seems to me to be a monarchy that is more worried about its status than about its country.

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