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Angela Merkel and Germans should decide if they want to continue with a strong Germany in a weak Europe or if they would prefer a weak Germany in a strong Europe. Now it is obvious that the choice has been to have a strong Germany in a weak Europe. I think this is a mistake because we leave in a global world so that what we need is a strong Europe to compete together against economies like the Chinese one. Besides Germany cannot remain very strong for a long time if it is surrounded by a weak Europe that does not buy its products and that is weak globally.

So I think that Angela Merkel should choose (for the benefit of Germany in the long run!) to have a weak Germany inside a strong Europe! What does that mean?:

A weak Germany inside Europe means that the eurozone is not just ruled from Berlin. It is ruled amongs the eurozone countries and they want a ECB with eurobonds! So a weak Germany means a Germany that loses now and accepts the eurobonds! It is obvious this is not good (now) for Germany but it is obvious too that it is good for Europe because it sens a clear message to the markets and to the world: WE MAYBE WEAK OR STRONG BUT WE ARE UNITED! MILIONS OF PEOPLE UNITED TO SAVE OUR CURRENCY. NOW YOU CANNOT ATTACK ONE OF US BECAUSE NOW WE ARE ALL JUST ONE!

If Germany accepted the eurobonds it would be bad for Germany at first but it will unite Europe! Needless to say that Germany has to ask something in order to accept the eurobonds! In this I’m with Angela Merkel totally!: AUSTERITY, AUSTERITY AND AUSTERITY. The eurozone should be ruled in a serious way and no country should be allowed to spend more than it can. Germany should accept the eurobonds while the rest must accept “Prussian standards of well governance”.

Germany is making now a fabulous job inside the eurozone because it is thanks to Berlin that now the whole eurozone is getting serious and autere. In this way I am very happy of the existence of Germany! But now Germany must realise that Europe is a team!

Let’s imagine the eurozne as 17 kids in a horrible cold winter! Some of the kids are cold because they have few clothes. The German kid has good clothes and it is not cold. The German kid, who is wise, tells the other kids to stop playing with snow because the snow is making them cold. As the other kids now that the German kid has good clothes they respect him and they know he is right. But as they are cold they want the German kid to share its clothes with them. The German kid does not want because he has its clothes because he is very responsible with his clothes while the other kids, or some of them, have lost their clothes while playing.

All the kids are far from home. One kid alone cannot go alone. Wolves would eat him. While they go together no wolf would eat them.

Well, in this tale I think that the German kid should realise that although he is the one with the best clothes he has to shared them with the rest in he want to reach home! By doing this he is not so strong among the other kids but by doing that the kids are a team and in the middle of the night that it is what counts. Angerla Merkel should think about this …

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