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An enlargeable topographic map of Hungary


More or less countries from the eurozone are helping countries from the eurozone with the bailouts, etc. The UK does not want to bailout the eurozone countries because the UK is outside the euro. So now that Hungary is in trouble should the eurozone help a country outside the eurozone? Well, as Hungary should join the euro someday (if the euro still exists) one could say that the eurozone maybe should help. But one thing seems to me clear. That being inside the eurozne is not such a bad thing as some newspapapers from the UK seem to argue. Greece is a very bad situation but at least it is not on its own devices. It is true that a lot is asked but at the same time a lot is given. In some way, I have the feeling that the eurocrisis is a very good opportunity to make a Europe with each eurozone country more responsible!

The case of Hungary shows that the euro is not just the problem.

The people inside the eurozone are in high trouble but at least we are a lot of people and that makes us stronger in the world. While we remain united the euro will end, day by day, a stronger currency in the world. In contrast with views from UK newspapers the fact that decisions in economy in south of Europe come from Berlin seems to me a good thing because Germany is an example of doing things in a responsible way. I just hope that Germans also realise that while is good to be more auterere in the south they also have to realise that in Europe we all should loose a bit of our independence in order to be alive in this global world. I think it is better a weaker Germany in a strong Europe that the current strong Germany in a weak Europe. Germans should choose …


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