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Forest Track

Image by Duncan Brown (Cradlehall) via Flickr

Once upon a time there were 17 kids who went to a forest in one of the coldest days of a very cold winter. While the sun shined they played and played. Some of the kids liked so much to play that they even played with their clothes so they got quite wet. One of the kids, the one from Germany, while some of the other kids just played and played, just tried to have its clothes as dry as possible.
When the sunset was approaching some kids were angry because they could no longer play. The German boy envied the rest of the boys because they have enjoyed themselves quite much playing while he had been just keeping its clothes dry.

When the night fell into the 17 kids the temperature fell sharply and some of the kids began to be very cold. While they walked through the frozen forest towards their village it was obvious that the kids who had been playing and playing were freezing because they had not cared about their clothes being dry. On the other side, the German and some other smaller kids were warm as they had taken care of its clothes.

As they walked through the dark forest they could hear wolves so the kids were very afraid to be eaten by them. The kids with wet clothes and who had played a lot began to be very tired and told the German kid that if they had to reach the village safe and sound they needed to share the dry clothes among them. The German kid refused to help the rest of the other boys and told them that they had to take care of themselves from now on in the same way that he had been doing with his clothes. As the German kid was the strongest kid the other kids did as the strong kid said so that soon they froze and the German kid, Angelo, was the only one to be alive and once the wolves saw that he was alone, they ate the stronger kid and the other 16 weaker kids.


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