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The following is a list of measures to save money in the eurozone (and elsewhere!):

1. Try to wake up when the sun rises and go to sleep when the sun sets (I know this is almost impossible because tv channels, shops, etc do all they can so that you go to sleep late)

2. Try to be in common places of your city so that you can save electricity at home

3. Try to be all the family in the same room if possible so that less heating is needed.

4. Close the windows with curtains, etc so that the cold of the night stays away.

5. When buying  a product Made in China think how much many euros are we sending out of the eurozone per year per person.

6. When we throw the rubbish try to throw each thing in is container so that recycling gets cheaper.

7. When we eat try to think if we are not eating too much with respect to our body and the exercise we make.

8. When we catch the underground or bus see if we could not go walking instead.

Well, now I cannot imagine other ways of saving. In fact as I am writing this I also see that if we save and save then we spend less and less and then maybe shops have to close. This seems a crazy situation! It is as if we have created a world that only runs if we waste our money in some way!


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