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The Olympic Flame during the Opening Ceremony ...


The next year besides a possible collapse of the eurozone the media will be also talking about the Olympic Games that will take place in the land of the pound.

As it happens always that an important international event takes place somewhere we will be hearing voices that will talk about boycotting that event.

So, I just wonder if a boycott to London 2012 is right or not.

First of all, I wonder why should this Olympic Games should be boycotted? And by who?

I try to imagine reasons why I should want to boycott this Olympic Games.

I must say that now I cannot say any reason for that. In fact with the eurocrisis I think that I even would be happy to see athletes from the eurozone competing in London: that will mean that we are not so bad as I imagine.

Well, as I don’t see any reason why I should boycott these Olympic Games I just wish they go ahead in the best possible way. Unfortunately, with the eurocrisis, I do not think I can go to see them.

I just hope that they bring to London more success in the long run than the Games brought to Athens just some years ago. It seems crazy that a land like Greece with those Olympic games now is in such a bad situation.

Let me end by saying that I am happy that the Olympic Games are outside the eurozone. To host such games inside the eurozne would be a crazy thing to do. Our economies and our souls maybe  are to bad hit to host such an event, I am afraid.

Good Luck to London!


  1. i should agree with the point about crisis. But Games are not scheduled during the crisis they are scheduled years back. As an issue of harmony they need to be conducted and surely they will generate some revenue on the go..

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