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When I write about the eurocrisis and what could be done to solve it in some way it is just one person trying to solve the problem of a whole continent (except the UK, Russia and some other Eurovision countries)

I imagine that a lot of Europeans are worried about their future. The eurocrisis is news each day and each day the news are worse.

To solve the problems of ownself is sometimes quite difficult let alone the problems of a continent.

In the newspapers I read different voices that say different things about how to solve these crisis. As we are a lot of people in the planet we can imagine milions of solutions to the crisis. But is it that really the way it goes?

Well, I am just wondering if a lot of us we just repeat what we read. We read some possible solutions so we choose a solution and we repeat the solution just using different words. But how many people are there whose ideas are not the result of saying what others say?

For example, some say that the solution to the the current situation needs that the ECB starts printing money and buying bonds and bonds! I have seen various people saying that. So one can have the feeling that when so many people say that maybe they may be right in some way. But why? And, after all, all they have thought the same or are just saying what they read somewhere?

Never before in history could the Europeans share thoughts as before. You cna write anything anywhere and people from around the world can read that. But is this helping? Could that not be the opposite? Are we not surrounded by doubts?

Thanks to the Internet we can know a lot of things but we can also doubt everything. Maybe the problem is that while we write and talk we do not do what really could solve Europe: work as before creating real things and not living in a virtual world. Bur is this my idea? or am I just copying ideas I read somewhere?


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