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These last weeks I have tried to imagine the future of Europe if the eurozone collapses. It is very difficult to me to imagine a Europe with new Hitlers and so on (at least right now) I cannot imagine Germany invading any country and events that took places about 60 years ago it is difficult they could repeat, I think.

But as the news are so bad with so much trouble I have the feeling that something quite wrong is coming. So at the end, I think I am just starting to see what may come next: UMPRECEDENTED SOCIAL UNREST ACCROSS THE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES.

So I think that we are not going to have a war like the WWII but something quite different: we will have social unrest here and there. Europe would become an unsafe place full of protests.

There is the danger that we have two Europes: the Europe of the governments and the Europe of the people. Austerity here and there will make people very unhappy.

In some way it seems that we Europeans have to become poorer. Until now we have just use the credit card to hide that reality but now the time of paying back has come and it is going to be quite difficult to make people pooorer if these people see that they get poorer while some retain their wealth without a compromise between all parts of society.

So I just imagine a Europe  with a lot of trouble. Because the young generations will see they are going to have a bleak future because the old generation lived among their possibilities.

All this will happen at the same time that the European Union will change dramatically. I imagine that some part of Europe will unite a lot tobe stronger while another will be let to its own devices. So we may see a France and Germany, for example, that may almost become just one land with two cultures: we wwould have a part of Europe that will be more united than ever. But at the same time there will be a part of Europe that will be left outside. Currently I feel that this is not wished but I am afraid that at some point this may happen.This wil be traumatic for Europe but it won’t bring war among countries: in fact the countries will have enough problems inside them to think about starting stupid and expensive wars. I think it is easier we die form hunger than from a war in the next years.

Needless to say that the borders between countries will be more opened or closed.

Well, maybe I am wrong with all the forecast I imagine but I am quite certain that we are entering one of the most important periods of European history: we won’t kill each other as we used to do during centuries: we just will live in a Europe where unrest and protest and frustration will be the common thing between all Europeans.

The future I imagine for the next years is so quite bleak but the worse of all is what may come after that.

One of the reasons why I feel that the situation in Europe is bad is because for the first time I wish I have double nationality from a country outside the European Union. Never before I had had that longing.

It is terriblfor Europe because even if we continue to be more wealthy than other parts of the planet I have the feeling that the mood here would be so bad that it would be better to be in another part of the planet. Maybe it is better to be in a house that is poor but improving, happy and with hope, that being rich house where you are surrounded by bad mood and you see each day as the house is falling piece by piece.

In someway I think that we have been constructing the European Union in order to escape our nightmares: Spain wanted to be inside Europe in order to put behind its fascist dictatroship; Germans wanted to see then as Europeans in order to forget the shadow of Hitler. In some way Europe has been built by the fear to repeat the past. That was not a bad idea but now it is obvious that with the euro we have made some big mistake. Is it not a shame that a zone, the eurozone, with so much wealth and knowledge, as a whole, built a currency without doing all the necessary steps to make it succeed?

It is as if because we were tired of Hitlers, Mussolines and Francos we were just happy of being democracies and just being together in the same play without realising that democracy is not enough to success. It is necessary too that the things are done in a right way.

The only good thing of the eurocrisis, and the only one that makes me proud as an European, is that we are the first to learn a big terrible lesson. I am sad that the euro was not surrounded by the good conditions to succeed but I am very proud to have been a citizen of the eurozone. Whatever it happens with the euro in the future, the eurozone countries will have helped future generations not to make the same mistakes. The price we are payingis very high but it may help other generations not to repeat our mistakes.

European Union

Image by erjkprunczyk via Flickr

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