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Today Nicolas Sarkozy will make an speech. In some days Angela Merkel will do a speech too. As Germany is the powerhouse of Europe it may seem that we should wait to the speech of Angela because Nicolas Sarkozy is not the one at the top of the eurozone. But I think this can be a mistake because in some way all people who do not like Germany to be the one to say the last word will listen to Nicolas just wishing he says something hopeful.

The eurozone without Germany would not be the eurozone we know but the opposite is right too. A Germany without the eurozone would not be the Germany we know.

I see Nicolas Sarkozy now as a center piece in European politics because Merkel can be the master of the eurozone but Nicolas now may represent more the majority of hte eurozone feeling.

The problem of the eurozone is not only that the south spend too much (buying German products too, French high speed trains, etc) The problem is that we all made a mistake! The German and French banks gave a lot of money to the south! So, who is more guilty? The south for spending a lot or the north for having given too much lending to the south?

I think that one current problem is that all is getting too simplistic. The cucumber crisis showed that the Germans easily blame the southerners when things go wrong. I think this is too simplistic. The eurozone is made of 17 countries and I doubt that blame should not be shared. In fact the situation is so bad that we should care more about solving the situation than blaming each other.
One of the reasons of all this trouble is that people in the eurozone love their countries. So that Germans stay in Germany, Italians stay in Italia, etc. We just go to other countries as tourists! As we have not a common language (TO BE ADDED TO THE OTHERS SO THAT WE ALL ARE AT LEAST A BIT, JUST A BIT, BILINGUAL!) people stay at their countries.
So that now we do not learn from each other! If a lot of Germans were living in Italy or a lot of Italians were living in germany, etc now it would be easy to agree between us! But we have built a Europe that is a union of states that do not unite.

Anyway, let’s wait to Sarkozy to talk today …


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