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“Brussels, December 2011

Today something quite strange will happen in Brussels. Forgers from around the eurozone and abroad will meet to try to save the euro by just forging milions of them.

The idea behind this unusual meeting is to join efforts from the bests forgers of all Europe anc create milions and milions of 500 euro notes. Forgers from one country alone cannot do that but they believe that if all forgers of the eurozone unite they will be able to create euro banknotes so similar to the real ones that nobody will see the difference. One the notes are created the forgers would buy millions of bonds from eurozone countries in trouble and in this way save the eurozone from collapse.

Nobody has idea why the forgers want to do what the ECB does not exactly currently do. Some suggest that that all this about this unusual meeting is just propaganda in order to make the eurozone see the urgency of the times”

This is a narration created by THE.CAT. Any coincidence with reality would be just just coincidence …


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