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Each day we see Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel on the news. A lot of times we see them surrounded by other people but I am afraid that at the end of the day they may feel quite alone. If Angela Merkel could tell the world all her feelings during tese terrible times I think a lot of people would like to read her words. If someday Angela and Merkel write their memories it would be nice they did that together. Unfortunately it may happen that we the Europeans in the future cannot even buy such memories.

So in this post I want to show my support for Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. I do not agree always with what they say or do but it is obvious they are the two Europeans with the most difficult work. What they do will affect not only millions of current Europeans but also the future of future Europeans!

I just hope that all the things surrounded both politicians is Ok. A good mattress, a good room, good food.

Some centuries ago the future of Europe was decided by Kings and Queens. Now our future depends on people like Angela Merkel.

I wish them well.


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