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Català: Artur Mas al programa 59 segons Españo...


It is incredible how low can an institution fall in order to try to I do not know what. Some days ago the president of an old nation kneel down to an American Megarich who wants to build EUROVEGAS in Madrid or Barcelona.

Years and years trying to build a serious society and now we have the president of our country doing things that seem to me quite bad for Catalonia. It is very weird that those who say that love so much Catalonia have no problem at all to have agreements with those that some months ago were the enemies of Catalonia self government. How can you be very proud of Catalonia and at the same time seem to act as a poor person begging for the Eurovegas.

All this about the Eurovegas seems to me taken from an ugly tale. Now we know that some lands near Barcelona were offered to the Megarich American man. All done in a hurry. And what about the people of Catalonia. How can you want that the Catalan people decide their own future when you do not take into account the Catalan people for this project? Who has said that because we are in a crisis Catalonia must accept anything?

The US has a lot of things that Catalonia could long for: Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Harvad University, NASA. But LAS VEGAS?

For me is clear that all this of EUROVEGAS is just a way to hide the real problems. Just in time of crisis it is wonderful to talk about this idea of EUROVEGAS. This is the good things that bring to Artur Mas:

– He seems to be worried about creating jobs

– He can put some parties  of the left in a bad situation because he can accuse them of not worrying about the jobless if they disagree with Eurovegas (it is a perfect way to use the crisis in your favour)

– He used the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona for this project! If Barcelona gets EUROVEGAS then Madrid does not get it! (quite a bad taste and quite a populist way of acting. I thought Catalonia deserved something better)

– The more we talk about EUROVEGAS the less we have to talk about the cuts, the agreements with the PP, etc.

Some years ago GRAN SCALA had to be built in LOS MONEGROS in ARAGON. At that time a lot of people in Aragon were in favour and anyone against was considered as somebody who was against Aragon. I never thought that in Catalonia we would have politicians at the same level.

It seems that the Megarich American wants a EUROVEGAS where children are allowed and smoking is allowed. I find that quite outrageous but I imagine that some people in Catalonia just dream of being rich as our neighbours of the north but without making any serious effort and with the rules of undeveloped nations. What a shame, My God!


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