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The title from this post just comes from a search that brought someone to this blog even before I wrote this post.

Today is one of the lowest days for the Spanish monarchy. The husband of a daughter of the king Juan Carlos will continue today going to a court in the city of Palma, Majorca.

In a perfect world I imagine that a Republic is the best thing as a Monarchy has something quite awful: its privileges are at odds with the sense of a society where we all have the same possibilities. One can dream to be an astronaut, a doctor, a film star. But you cannot dream to be a king or queen because Monarchy means privilege.

Unfortunately and although I think that a Republic is best than a Monarchy I am afraid that in Spain you never know. In this sense it is quite awful because some people who may not be quite against the Spanish Monarchy they don’t like it: they just realize that it is better to choose something awful but known that something unknown.

It is a bit ugly to realize that the next king of Spain, Felipe, is going to be quite alone. But better alone that in good terms with the husband of his sister.

By the way, in the BBC now you have podcasts about the art of monarchy or something.

Let me end by saying that one of the saddest things about this is that I always had a good thought about Urdangarin. I even remember when his marriage took place in Barcelona and I say the celebrations in Barcelona as they drove in a luxurious car.

If Spaniards decide to maintain the Monarchy in the future I just hope that Felipe and Letizia act taking into account that without the support of the majority of Spaniards the Monarchy in Spain has no continuity: with a majority of Spaniards against it would suffice to change the constitution to get rid of them.


By the way, I find an insult to the people from Palma in Majorca that Urdangarin continues having the title of Duke of Palma. I find this an insult to the people.

English: Nicolae Ceauşescu greeting Juan Carlo...



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