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Today has begun the World Mobile Congress in the Catalan capital and on TV I have seen the entrance in Plaça Espanya. There I saw the logo of Huawei.

This Chinese company is not known so much as other companies of Asia such as Samsung, etc but maybe in the future it becomes more famous.

I got to know this Chinese company some years ago as I bought a modem. During months I could not pronounce it name. But recently, looking for mobiles, I realized that the mobiles of Huawei were some of the cheapest and at the same time giving you some of the best things that a phone can give you. As far as I know Huawei sells mobiles with WIFI at prices that no other companies do or at least that is my impression.

So I just want to wish the people of Huawei a nice future. It is nice to have iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, etc but it is also nice that there is a company that brings current technology to those who cannot afford expensive smartphones or that prefer to spend their money in another way.

(Somebody may think that I have some connection with this company but this is not the case as I imagine it is not the case with the fans of Apple. If some love to adore Apple and its products I prefer to adore those companies that try to reach the gap between best technology and affordable prices.


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