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Some hours ago I have watched a videoclip where a white woman fights an arab man, an Asiatic man and a black man. This white woman represents the European Union in this video.

In this post I want to say that I feel offended with this video. What is the idea behind this video? That my black friends from London are less Europeans than me because they are black and I am white? This is revolting.

I do not know who made this video but it seems made by a racist or by a fool.

Imagine a video from the Chinese government where an Asiatic woman fights against a white man. This would be outrageous. I would feel that the Chinese government was making an ad of hate against the white people.

I just hope that all this about video becomes clear and questions  are asked to whoever is behind such a racist video.

I feel ashamed of the people behind the video! Shame on them.

If you want to see the video you may look in asearch engine. I don’t like to put eurotrash in my blog.


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