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I cannot imagine a better way to start learning English than to go to the BBC website and listen to different stations. Nonetheless another possibility is to listen to independent private stations from around the world: channels from New Zealand, npr from the USA, LBC from London, etc AND THOUSANDS MORE!

But now I am going to listen to the BBC. If you want to listen the BBC with special accents one cn choose local BBC stations like tohe ones from the Shetland Islands, etc.

But now I am just going to listen to the main stations of the BBC. BBC SCOTLAND and other stations from other places and in other languages too are also a possibility but now let me write about RADIO 1, RADIO 2, etc.


Now there are talking about the Argentinian Leo Messi and Barça. In the morning show The Chris Moyles Show. It starts (at least now as I write this!) at 0730 Barcelona time (0630 in London) Let me change of channel … (I am at

RADIO  1Xtra

Currently music. At 8 am (CET TIME) 1Xtra Breakfast Show with Twin B.


The Chris Evans Breakfast Show since 0730 CET Let me listen to it …

(By the way, Alguersuari will be working for BBC! I hope this makes that more people in Catalonia improve their English by listening to this young Catalan F1 sportsman)

19-year-old Spaniard Jaime Alguersuari makes h...




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