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I just have read that there there is a row between the UK and Italy about a terrible event that has happened in Nigeria. It is quite possible that Italy is right and the UK has made a mistake o maybe Italy has made a mistake by attacking the action UK.

I have my personal view about what has happened but here I don’t want to talk about that. Here I just want to show my dismay about the row. I feel that terrorist must be quite happy reading about this row. It is true that I understand that any of the two countries is right to say what it wants but it is a pity that the disagreement is made in the public arena. The more the row continues the more powerful the terrorists  become.

The people behind the row should think if by saying the things they are saying they are improving something or just putting more chaos in this part of the world.

So shame on the one who did the things wrongly in Nigeria and shame on the one who instead of trying to solve the things in a diplomatic way just goes and attacks another friendly country. The enemy of the UK is not Italy and the enemy of Italy is not the UK. The enemy is the one who kidnapped their citizens!


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