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Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter and Venus (Photo credit: sermoa)

Some weeks ago we saw a menage à trois between Venus, the Moon and Jupiter. Some weeks later we will be able to say a rendezvous between Jupiter and Venus but don’t get it wrong, it is all but a false romance between these two lights of the sky. In fact Jupiter, the one at the top left (at least in Barcelona …) and not so brights is millions of centimeters away from Venus.

I wonder for how long these planets will remain without some crazy beings telling the rest they belong to them. As it has happened on earth with its lands divided according to pride and prejudice …

For those who have not yet seen these two planets these last days let me just tell that they are so bright that you can even see them inside a city. Maybe even fromNY  Times Square? Look into the sky and when you see two very very bright dots, there they are! And if you look now it is very easy to see them because they are going to meet this Monday, Tuesday … The good thing however it is not just to see them together but to see during weeks how they approach and how they go apart!

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