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This Tuesday, March 13th, one can see a photo where Jean-Claude Junckers puts his hands around the neck of Mr. Guindos, the Spanish Finance minister. Thanks to the fact that European top decisions are not ruled by a führer but by an angel, Mr. Guindos’ head  does not end at the hands of the head of the Eurogroup and finally Mr Junckers and Mr. Guindos embrace each other even if this photo does not catch the aftermath of this civilised and so false strangulation.

Some may find funny the photo but I wonder if they would have  found it funny too a photo where Angela Merkel seems strangled by the old Prime Minister of Spain when Germany accused falsely (nobody is perfect) of exporting poisonous cucumbers.

Some weeks ago we also saw a photo where Mr. Guindos was talking like a slave to Mr. Junckers in Brussels.

It is obvious some of these photos maybe are staged on purpose in order that even the most stupid person in Spain undertands that Europe is unhappy with us and that we must reduce our deficit even more. The photo of Junckers strangling Mr. Guindos has a universal meaning! I do not know … when I began to write this post I was angry with the image now I do not know what to think …

It is weird because in both images Mr Junckers looks as an evil person (in the first he is seriously seated while Mr. Guindos talks to him as a fearful servant telling him that Spain is doing what he is asking) I just wonder if he really is so evil as it looks … or, on the contrary, he loves theatre. In that last case, I just wish to see the next photos between Mr. Guindos and Mr. Junckers. By the way. Mr. Guindos is perfect in acting as a poor man asking for pardon from Brussels. My only doubt  is if  I like to be represented that way. In my particular case, I have not being living, at all, above my possibilities even if Spain has done, unfortunately,  otherwise.

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