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For some weeks I am reading about the growing tensions between London and Buenos Aires about the Falkand Islands.

I feel quite sad about all these tensions because I have a special feeling for Argentina and also for England! In fact most of the people I know from Buenos Aires love London and in fact some of them live in London!

So it is terrible to see two civilised countries to quarrel about these small islands. This confrontation reminds me of old times in Europe when countries in Europe used to play war between them between centuries.

In Spain we also have the case of Gibraltar but fortunately the things that unite the UK and Spain are enormous in comparison with this little part of the UK … in mainland Europe. Nonetheless should there be oil found behind Gibraltar I am sure that there would be trouble between the atomic and nuclear UK (or what may remain of it after 2014) and not so dangerous Spain again.

So, which is my solution to the Falklands or Malvinas conflict between those countries that I love?


Let Messi be transferred from Barcelona to an English team for free and then let the British take a blind eye as the Argentinian take control of their Malvinas. The UK always could say to the islanders from the Falklands that the economic crisis has taken all its toll in the budget to protect its remains of the glorious British Empire around the globe.


The Argentinians stop to drink mate as usual and begin to make tea as their national drink. They show this big sacrifice as a way of making the Falklands islanders feel comfortable inside Argentina. If solution B is not successful here I have a more extreme solution:


Argentina stops drinking mate and speaking Spanish and begin to drink tea and make British English their official language. If that is not enough they merge with Brazil and creat a superpower. Once that dome they ask politely to the islanders if they would mind to join them.


The British and Argentinians realise what makes them so special and at the same time unique and equal!: they both are lands that are at odds with their neighbours!: Argentina belongs to SouthAmerica¬† but they just feel different from their neighbours. A lot of them just feel Europeans. The UK is in Europe but a lot of them don’t feel at all Europeans! So the British realize that they don’t fit in Europe and Argentina realizes that does not fit in SouthAmerica. So they create a new superpower with its capital of course not in London, not in Buenos Aires but in the Falklands Islands. The new country is called simply FALKLAND and the capital is called LAS MALVINAS.


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