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These last hours for the first time I have realised in a full scale the humiliation that means for any nation to have soldiers from another nation and realise that they misbehave and even kill your children without even be able to judge them.

It is not strange to anyone that the Talibans hate the Americans so that whatever the Americans do, good or bad, will be always not welcome by the Talibans.

But, if I have to be sincere, I am afraid that now all the world is seeing that the USA is humiliating the Afghanistan people. Imagine that an American soldier gets crazy and starts killing people in London. Would not be a humiliation for the UK that the Americans take the crazy soldier back to the US and do not let the British decide?

Some hours ago I heard a comment by an American official saying something like that they do not change location to judge just because the locals want that. I find that outrageous because shows no respect to the “location” or to the “locals”. The children that were killed were Afghan children so it is not strange that people from Afghanistan want to try him! By using the word location instead of Afghanistan the American official is showing no respect for the dead people in Afghanistan.

Anyway, if a person from Europe like me, that has nothing in common with Taliban views and that, on the contrary, shares with the US the values of democracy and freedom, feels offended by the way the US has acted I cannot imagine how the Afghan people may feel!: ALL THE WORLD KNOWS THAT AN AMERICAN HAS KILLED A LOT OF CIVILIANS INCLUDING CHILDREN AND ALL THE WORLD SEES HOW THE USA, IN AN ARROGANT WAY PUT HIM OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!: DOES THAT MEAN THAT ANYONE WHO GOES TO THE US AND STARTS KILLING AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE US AND GO TO HIS OWN COUNTRY?

In the case of Europe one at least could say that the soldier has to be taken out of Afghanistan because in Europe we do not have Death Penalty but as the US also has Death Penalty as some uncivilised countries I do not see why the soldier should not be judged in Afghanistan.

By this wrong and shameful behaviour, the US is putting in danger not only their own military but the rest of soldiers from other countries. Unfortunately the other countries don’t say anything. So, when the bad ones are born in America the world remains silent …  I just hope that all the soldiers from Europe leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. We cannot continue to be fighting an absurd war next to the Americans. They are putting in danger, with its arrogance, all the NATO troops!

LET’S OUR SOLDIERS GO OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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