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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi (Photo credit: thesportreview)

People from outside Barcelona or Catalonia may think that people in this part of the world are ones of the first to know the geniality of Argentinian footballer, Leo Messi or Lionel Messi. This maybe the case for most people here but not for all. Being to close to Messi also has some disadvantages.! In Catalonia we have a public TV where sport is very important. More time is given in the news to the sports than to the news in Catalonia or around the world. Besides the FC Barcelona is treated in a very special way. There are even special programmes related to football. In them the players of Real Madrid are always the fool and stupid ones while the Barcelona players are the good ones. So the manipulation of a football team is so great in Barcelona that when any word about Barcelona you never know if it is something right or it is just pure political manipulation. So, when in Catalan public tv they speak about the geniality of Messi you never know if it is another manipulation or what. Thanks to God, or whatever, there is life outside the manipulation of Catalan tv so I have been able to see that in places like the BBC they also talk about the geniality of Messi! So I feel it is a pity that I need foreign broadcasters to realise that Barça has in Messi a genius: I just don’t trust at all Catalan tv. By manipulating people through the football they have afforded that I don’t believe a word they say even when they are saying something true. So thank you to the BBC to tell me that Messi is a genius. And congratulations to this Argentinian player.



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