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Billie Holiday, Downbeat, New York.

Billie Holiday, Downbeat, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE.CAT is a website made in Europe and written mostly in Catalan and English. Nonetheless, most of the visits come from the USA so I feel that a bit strange as this website is meant more for a European audience.

But these visits from the US make me realise the weight of the US. It is true that writing in English is not strange that I receive visits from the US but I thought that most visits would come from any country in Europe as a lot of people in Europe can read in English and I write about uropean subjects.

So, seing so many visits from the US I just have thought that maybe I could write more about subjects related to the US. After all, although I try to write in British English and I have in mind more the UK when I am writing in English there are a lot of things that I like from the US: I like its golden cinema from some decades ago. I like Sinatra songs, music from Billie Holiday, The Beach Boys. I like Paintings from Hopper and Pollock.

Who knows, maybe I should get more interested in the US. Anyway, maybe I receive most visits from the US because I am writing about Europe … Anyway I am quite happy with having visits from the US. I just wished Europe also visited too!


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