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When Internet began one used to visit websites an in each website one couldfind what different people wanted to offer in its websites. That meant that different people offer you different things and in different ways. Then, one sad day, somebody invented an ugly and dull thing called Facebook. Since that day, instead of having an Internet that was a mirror of different people’s styles etc the people had to use a very ugly interface without style or personality to interact between them.

These days Lady Gaga has launched its own social net at I wonder if this would help to go back to the origins and people realizes the ugliness of Facebook. The fact that millions of people use Facebook does not mean it is a nice thing. I have always dislike Facebook. Facebook menas ugly uniformity. I wish that the social network of Lady Gaga means a return to creativity and originality that should had not have been lost ever. I hope more famous people get now its own social network so that Internet is our common home and not a private webpage called Facebook. Facebook should be the personal website of just its owner …


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