These last hours it is news the dancing of two Barça players, Thiago and Dani Alves. Well, in fact the news is too that Carles Puyol did not like the dancing and put an end to it. Later, Guardiola, the coach, apologise for the dancing.

Some may see the behaviour of Thiago and Alves in a different way but the good thing about all that happened is that make us think about our emotions and the way we can handle our emotions and at the same time not to offend. On the other hand I am not so sure Carles Puyol was totally right and Thiago and Alves were totally wrong. Who says it is good to hide the emotions? What would be football without emotions?





Now we have a Europe of states. Some would like a Europe of regions or of nation with or without state.

I wonder if a new Europe of cultures could not be a better solution. We could have a Europe made of different cultures and without borders.

Why this idea?

Well, as people can move from one place to another maybe it is better to think about people related to the French culture, the German culture. So Europe would be a place where cultures meet. Maybe in this way Europeans could move more from one place to another knowing that they belong to a culture without needing to be inside some borders!

I am sorry if I don’t explain myself very well but I have to think a bit about this.


Last months we have heard about European states who have been intervened. As long as I understand an intervention means that people from outside put conditions on how to handle the budget, etc. And at the same time the ones intervening a state also put money on this state. It seems something reasonable: you help a country in trouble and the condition is to supervise the country. So, how can Spain intervene some of its autonomous communities? A lot of austerity is required to the Autonomous communities. It seems that some may not accomply the austerity required. So, Spain government may intervene. But how can a state that could be intervened by Europe be the one who intervenes? In the case of Europe intervention of a country means austerity but also help: money. In the case of Spain intervening Catalonia (this is an example) this would mean that Madrid decides how to handle the money in Catalonia. But if Spain does not put money at the same time: Why should Catalonia be intervened? It is as if you intervene Greece but at the same time you don’t give money to solve the problems. I say all that because I want to point out that if Spain intervenes an autonomous communities this only could mean that Europe at the same time intervenes Spain. If not I wonder what kind of intervention could that be. In fact, an intervention seems quite a bad thing but at the same time it may happen that then the communities that are not intervened are the ones to help the community to be intervened. To be brief, I think that all this of an intervention can be a very bad thing because it won’t help us see what is really going on. Just an intervention of Spain by Europe would be much clear although maybe not the best option either.


We the humans have created so many things and have done things so different to the the other animals that maybe we may believe that we are above the other animals of the planet. But the truth is that the animals in Spain live like any other animals around the world while the humans living in Spain are news around the world because we are inside a terrible situation. Maybe it is time we learn from the animals that surround us. El Cant dels Ocells, the song of the birds, could be a good inspiration.



Barcelona (Photo credit: zkvrev)

The European Central Bank is going to have a summit in Barcelona. The fears of trouble surrounding the summit is so big that even  the Shengen Agreement is currently off in the borders of Spain.

As Barcelona has a tradition of trouble in the streets I wonder what may happen this time.

If causing trouble is considered something of bad taste I wonder what one could say when the bad tast choses a place like Barcelona. Bad taste with a good taste?

Anyway, I just hope that whatever happens in Barcelona the next days it seems something related to a civilised part of Europe.


As I am writing from Catalonia and currently Catalonia is part of Spain and in Spain there is a monarchy I imagine that some may say THE KING OF THE.CAT KILLED AN ELEPHANT.

So you know, I am from that part of Europe where we have a king that goes to Africa to kill elephants.

In Barcelona we have a hotel called Juan Carlos I. Maybe they could change its name to Elephant & Castle …



Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director, Int...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund Français : Dominique Strauss-Kahn, directeur général du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fact that Gaddafi was a horrible man able to kill its own people or the fact that Strauss-Khan is surrounded by sexual scandals does not mean at all, and I repeat, AT ALL, that what they said, or say, about SARKOZY is wrong.

I have the feeling that Sarkozy believes that people who had been terrible dictators or countrymen surrounded by sexual scandals cannot tell the truth about him. Why not?

Maybe the difference between Sarkozy and Gaddafi and Strauss-Khan is that two of them have paid in some way for their wrongdoings while Sarkozy is just accused of wrongdoings.

Well, what I believe Strauss-Khan when he says the things he says about Sarkozy. They knew his weakness and they attacked him. This does not make Strauss-Kahn a saint but it could make Sarkozy the opposite of an angel.

The son of Gaddafi is still alive. He may know something about the money that Gaddafi maybe gave to Sarkozy.

Whatever it happens I have the feeling this is the end of Sarkozy. The shadow of Gaddafi and the words of Strauus-Kahn may hurt him more than the current advantage of his political adversary.



Today one can read this phrase in the Street Wall Journal. The phrase is inside an article that gives a view of the problems in Spain that is not typical of the international media as the information does not come from Madrid but from Barcelona.