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Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gr...

... who knows .. maybe even the buildings of Gaudí are offered to Mr. Adelson to build his casinos ...

Since the first moment I heard about the project of Eurovegas I thought that there was something about Eurovegas I disliked. Now a Catalan politician from the Catalan government is in Las Vegas in order to talk with Mr. Adelson. The people of Madrid will also meet Mr. Adelson.

It is obvious that mr. Adelson knows the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid so I feel he is just playing with us. I don’t blame this man for this but I feel ashamed that politicians in Barcelona play his game.

Now it seems that the problem is that Mr. Adelson wants a big avenue for his Eurovegas and he wants to build tall buildings. As the lands offered to him are next to Barcelona airport, El Prat, it is obvious that the buildings cannot be very high.

Who knows, as money seems the only important thing about all this maybe he should be offered a main street of Barcelona to build Eurovegas ..: Passeig de Gràcia could be the main street of Eurovegas … Casa Batlló and La Pedrera of Gaudí could even become the two main casinos of Eurovegas …

I just imagine that here in Catalonia we are paying the trip of the Catalan politician to Las Vegas to play the game of Mr. Adelson. I feel so ashamed about what I am seeing on TV this days. It is quite weird for me that those that say to love so much Catalonia and its history don’t doubt even one second to bring the worse of the US to their loved country. Silicon valley, Harvad YES! Las Vegas, no thank youu! NO THANK YOU!!!

It is incredible how foolish politicians can be when a millionaire rings at their door …


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