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These last hours I am fed up of reading in newspapers and on TV the question: Eurovegas in Madrid or in Barcelona? People are asked whether they think Eurovegas should be build in Madrid or in Barcelona.

I feel that is absolutely the wrong question. It is as if people were asked whether Northers or Southern Iran (or Israel) should be attacked by Israel (or Iran).

I feel ashamed of the way the things have been handled! Using the rivalry between both cities now it seems as if Madrid wins if Eurovegas goes to Madrid and Barcelona wins if Eurovegas comes to Barcelona!

There are people in Madrid that are against Eurovegas so that if Eurovegas goes to Madrid some people in Madrid won’t be happy in Madrid. And the same happens in Barcelona.

I think Mr. Adelson is playing with us. He knows that by putting the two cities into account it is easier that people worry more about the rivalry than about the meaning of Eurovegas.

So, when I am asked if Eurovegas in Madird or Barcelona I feel a bit offended. It is as if somebody asked me: which arm do you want to be cut: the left or the right?

It is crazy, really crazy, that people that worry about Catalonia and talk as if they were the true deffenders of Catalonia defend a project that would harm one of the few spaces near Barcelona where you still can see fields with vegetables! It seems that neon light and dollars are much more attractive that fields of lettuces but I find weird that a government can even negotiate a project that would mean such a concentration of brick and brick around Barcelona. If Eurovegas was going to be build in another part of Catalonia maybe I could think about the possibilities but I think that it cannot be good for Catalonia to have everything concentrated around Barcelona. I think it is much better that Barcelona is surrounded by mountains, the sea and the fields of the delta.

Barcelona has the sea, Barcelona has the cruisers in the port, Barcelona will have soon high speed train connecting to Paris two hours and 30 minutes earlier than Madrid. So I see reasons why Barcelona could be a good choice for Mr. Mandelson. But the fact that Barcelona could be a good choice for Mr. Mandelson does not mean that the choice is good for Barcelona!

One thing I am sure of. If the choice goes to Madrid (I have nothing to say about this choice: there are people from Madrid who should decide what they do!) then in Catalonia we will hear people saying that Eurovegas was not such a good idea. And viceversa …


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