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As I am not from Argentina or the UK I could seem a neutral voice about the Falklands or Malvinas but my connections with people from Argentina and my love for England make me quite difficult to see this conflict in a neutral way.

In this post I want to imagine what would have happened if Argentina had won the war. What would have happened?

Well, I imagine that the first thing that would have followed is that people from Argentina would have been travelled to the islands to establish themselves there so that now, even with a selfdetermination referendum, maybe the British would have been a minority and a Yes for Argentina would have won.

On the other hand I wonder what would have happened with the military establishment in Argentina. Maybe democracy would have reached Argentina much later.

Back in Europe, mainland Europe has a little piece of land that has a British flag . It is called Gibraltar. I am very happy that Spain has never tried in the last decades to take it back by force! If someday Gibraltar returns to Spain I would be happy. And if Gibraltar never returns to Spain I would be happy too. I don’t care much. I would be happy as long as no one is killed. I can like more or less the current status quo of Gibraltar but one thing is for sure: the people in Gibraltar should know that never I would like Gibraltar to return back to Spain if that meant the death of somebody. The best that could happen one day is that one day the people from Gibraltar want to return back to Spain. Freely. Something may have the UK that Spain or Argentina don’t offer now when people from the Falklands or Gibraltar prefer to be part of the UK. If Argentina wants their Malvinas back then maybe the best they could do is to treat people from the Falklands as the ones who have to decide their future. I feel Argentina is wrong in the way it tries to take back the Islands. Let the CURRENT ISLANDERS DECIDE! There is nothing wrong in wanting the Malvinas to be Argentinian. But I feel it is wrong them to be Argentinian if the people there prefer to be British! Marrieges must be free … so Argentina cannot pretend to force a marrieage between the islands and Argentina! The British seem to me doing the things in a better way: the let the people choose their future! Even back in GB! Scotland will decide soon its own future!



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