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Things happen so quickly that what yesterday was a country maybe two next day. Or at least this seems to happen in Mali where the north has now declared independence.

It is decades since I realised that one of my favourite monuments of the planet is not in old Europe, America, Asia or Australia or even Egypt. It is in Mali or Benin. I am not sure where it is but recent photos from Tombuctu make me think that the monument is maybe not just one but more than one or that maybe I am mistaken and the monument it is only in Tombucty. Anyway, my favourite monument it is in this part of Africa. It is a monument made or earth, brown earth, and reminds me of castles made in the beach. I prefer this building to any building I have ever seen in Barcelona or elsewhere.

If Azawad receives recognition and its independence gives its fruit then a new state will be born and in that state they will have one of the most beautiful monuments I have ever dreamt. I just hope, that whatever it happens there is peace in this part of the planet. I just wish to all people related to this conflict to find a solution so that whatever it happens with mali or Azawad, lives are saved.


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