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The senyera, a flag of Catalonia, and also use...

The senyera, a flag of Catalonia, and also used by several lands and municipalities of the ancient Crown of Aragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As anyone  following European politics knows some months ago the governments of some European states were changed in order to agree with the European Union. In order to save the Euro it seems.

Now for some weeks in Spain one can here the possibility that Spain intervenes some autonomous community if the autonomous community does not comply with the austerity required.

As I am writing from Catalonia let me talk about the possibility of Catalonia being one of the autonomous community to be intervened.

If Catalonia was intervened by the central government that would mean that it would be ruled from Madrid. As in Catalonia this is something that is the opposite of what a lot of people would wish I wonder what could happen.

What would really mean an intervention?

One could say that if Italy has currently a government that is there to comply with European rules about austerity there should not be so terrible for Catalonia to have an intervention too. But who will be here deciding what?

I say all this because, who knows, maybe in the case of an intervention of Catalonia, the current government in Spain may put ahead of the Generalitat even people who do not speak Catalan. What I mean is that an intervention of Catalonia could be very traumatic. Let’s wait and see …



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