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Yesterday I added myself to the waiting list for a Google Drive so meanwhile I will begin this post talking about what I already know: DROPBOX.

I got 2 GB free at the start and I was able to add more memory by installing Dropbox in the computer, taking a tour and some more easy things to do.

The idea is that you have your things in more than one place. And if you change things in one place the changes go to the other places. So I have a folder in the desktop of the computer where I have files that are also available through the dropbow website.

You also can install Dropbox in the mobile. There is one option that it is quite interesting. You can choose to upload automatically the photos of the camera to Dropbox! So you take photos and you know the photos will be also safe in Internet! And if you have Dropbox in your computer you know that you will find the photos too in the computer! You can also choose to use only wifi in the mobile for the uploading so no problem with using mobile data.

You also could choose a folder to share so you can go for example on holidays to anywhere in the world. Then, when you are in a place with wifi (in order not to spend data traffic that can be quite expensive) the photos will upload and people you want can see the photos anywhare! No need to return from the holidays to share the photos!

Well, I have been using Dropbox for months and I like it quite a lot. I hope that  Google Drive has at least all the same good features like that of the photos that upload to the cloud automatically.

One of the good things I wish to see in the future in Dropbox or in Google Drive is that when you look at the files in the website you can see them as in a folder! Becuase it is nice to have, for example, the photos in the cloud, but it is not nice not to be able to see them in an easy way as if they were in a folder!

Now that Google Drive enters the cloud drive market I wonder what will happen with Dropbox. As Drpbox has been and it is a nice experience to me I just wish them the best.

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