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Last months we have heard about European states who have been intervened. As long as I understand an intervention means that people from outside put conditions on how to handle the budget, etc. And at the same time the ones intervening a state also put money on this state. It seems something reasonable: you help a country in trouble and the condition is to supervise the country. So, how can Spain intervene some of its autonomous communities? A lot of austerity is required to the Autonomous communities. It seems that some may not accomply the austerity required. So, Spain government may intervene. But how can a state that could be intervened by Europe be the one who intervenes? In the case of Europe intervention of a country means austerity but also help: money. In the case of Spain intervening Catalonia (this is an example) this would mean that Madrid decides how to handle the money in Catalonia. But if Spain does not put money at the same time: Why should Catalonia be intervened? It is as if you intervene Greece but at the same time you don’t give money to solve the problems. I say all that because I want to point out that if Spain intervenes an autonomous communities this only could mean that Europe at the same time intervenes Spain. If not I wonder what kind of intervention could that be. In fact, an intervention seems quite a bad thing but at the same time it may happen that then the communities that are not intervened are the ones to help the community to be intervened. To be brief, I think that all this of an intervention can be a very bad thing because it won’t help us see what is really going on. Just an intervention of Spain by Europe would be much clear although maybe not the best option either.

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