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There are two ways to try to show to the world that you are the great nation of freedom. One is by facts and the other, just for idiots, by just words.

We always hear that the US says it is the land of the free but when the case comes that the US has an opportunity to show that it seems that it prefers jus not to offend to the greatest dictatorship of the world: China.

Chen Guangcheng deserves better that the way he is treated by his own country and by the US.

It is quite strange. If the US is the great superpower of the world, why the big superpower must act in the way that the dictatorship of China wants?

I imagine that the answer is obvious: the real boss of the world is not the US but China. I cannot see other reason for the US to kness to a dictatorship. No other at all.

Shame to the US and to Europe and to all those countries that talk about democracy but are happy to have business with this dictatorship. I hope one day one realizes that to have iPhones made in a dictatorship has a prize to pay. And that is the prize we are paying.

What is doing the Nobel Prize winner, Barack Obama, meanwhile? Just celebrating he killed Osama.


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