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Tonght one of the Catalan tv channels was broadcasting the tv show with Hollande and Sarkozy. It was translated into Catalan but you could also listen to them in French. It has been quite sad because it is always to have alternatives and Hollande seems an alternative for Europe but I must admit that I have found him very arrogant and as if he almost was a robot! He seems a very wise man but his face is emotionless. On the other hand Sarkozy was the opposite! I don’t know. I have found in Hollande a person that believes he has the truth and the other are wrong. I don’t like this man or at least the man shown on tv. In comparison with him Sarkozy look very human. With Hollande I had the feeling as if an arrogant robot was talking under the appearance of a human. When I was watching Hollande I had the feeling as if there was nobody inside him. As if his answers were the answers coming from a distant superintelligent computer. A superintelligent and superarrogant computer. If the answer to the right in Europe is this man I feel very sorry. I preferred Zapatero much more. He was all emotions. More like Sarkozy!

Anyway, I hope the French people know what they do. I just have seen Hollade for two hours. Maybe if I was in France knowing more about both men then my opinion for Hollande would be different but I can assure it is one of the politicians that I feel less empathy with. I disliked so much his arrogance and his robotic manners.



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