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As you may know there are some islands that the UK calls the Falklands and Argentina Las Malvinas.
I have thought that when writing about these islands I should write the Falklands when I write in English and I should write Las Malvinas if I write in Castilian.
But now I think that maybe when I write about these islands in Castilian there is no need to call them Las Malvinas but Las Falklands.

I am saying this because I find outrageous that Argentina has made an ad related to the Olympic Games in the Falklands. If they are so unhappy with teh UK then maybe they just should boycott the Olympic Games in London. I wonder how many countries would add to this boycott.

I have nothing against the Falklands becoming Argentinian. You just have to ask the people in the islands what they want. And they prefer the UK. I hope one day the government of Argentina realises there are only two ways of becoming the masters of these islands: one is by force and the other is seducing its population. Neither of these two possibilities seems to be currently used or affordable.

Greetings to the people of the Falklands. Un saludo a la población de las Falklands. And to the people in Argentina who dislike to have a government in Argentina whose only way to be popular is by attacking the UK and Spain. Cristina, the President of Argentina, seems to me a nice person but I think it is a mistake that he chooses confrontation to agreement and friendship as the rule for Argentinian international relations. It is all right that Argentina wants Las Malvinas and it is all right that Argentina nationalizes YPF if it wishes. But it is wrong, in my opinion, the way she does that. She is always treating Spain and the UK as if we were the devil and company. She is making enemies where she could have friends! She could use the Malvinas to close relations with the UK and she could use Spain as an ally in Europe. It is crazy that one of the countries in South America that is more related to Europe chooses confrontation with two members of the European Union. Río de la Plata is castilian. River Plate is English. Is it not possible that the president of Argentina does not see she is attacking two countries that in some way are much related to Argentina?

Returning to the ad, I hope the OIC tells Argentina to stop using the Olympic Games for politicla use. The Olympic Games is a time of friendship and not of the confrontation that Cristina seems to prefer. If Argentina wants the world talks about it thanks to the Olympic Games in London then it just should win medals. I wonder how all this populism of Cristina will end. I thing she is harming Argentina in the international arena. She is harming the view that people in Europe can have of Argentina. This is absurd to happen because we are brothers!


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