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Maybe people from outside Catalonia may feel that that fact that Standard & Poors has left Catalonia one step from the junk bonus level is a very bad news from all people in Catalonia.

Well, I have the feeling that for some all this is wonderful because it means that they can use this to its political benefit:

The left can say that the right is taking advantage of the crisis in order to change everything.

The right can say that the left only knows to spend money.

The Spanish nationalist parties may try to recentralise Spain just blaming the autonomous communities of the deficit.

The Catalan nationalist can blame Spain of not returning to Catalonia much of the money that Spain administers from the Catalan tax payers.

So, be sure that we in Catalonia, some people are celebrating this terrible crisis. it is a perfect time to manipulate the people.

The only reason why I can sleep at night, or at least I just can close one eye while trying to sleep is because I know that far away, there is always an eye from Angela Merkel looking at us. It is the only hope I have. I trust Angela much more than any Catalan or Spanish politician. She reminds me of my German friends and their wise way of handling their lives.


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