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In Catalan the genitals are called colloquially collons (pronounced cullons in Barcelona, etc). In Castilian the word is cojones.

I do not know what happens with the word collons but it is one of the words that people who do not speak Catalan first learn.

Now, thanks to the President of Extremadura (Extremadura is famous, among other things, for the city of Mérida) people in Spain are learning more Catalan so that now even almost a phrase in Cataln may become part of the knowledge of Catalan among people who normally do not know Catalan: “si tens collons”. It means “if you have the balls”. This president has asked the well educated major of Barcelona (in English we would say he is a gentleman in his style in manners) to tell him “if he has balls” that the high speed train to Extremadura is a disaster. (In general the high speed trains in Spain are a disaster but you do not need to be a man to say that. You only need to have a brain and use it)

I leave to the reader of this text his opinion about a President of community using such slang.

Needless to say in Catalonia all the people are not all so well educated and have so good manners as the major of Barcelona. People with the education (or lack of it) of the President of Extremadura can also be found in Catalonia.

By the way, one of the two men I mention could be considered by his words as a “garrulo”. I let you guess which of them.


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