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Each time I think about Greece I have two kind of thoughts. On the one hand I am fed up with all the bad handling of the economy by the Greek governments during these last decade and on the other hand I feel Greece needs the support of Europe.

On the one hand I feel Europe can not continue with Greece putting each day the euro in risk and that if the solution to Europe is a Greece outside the euro then let do that as soon as possible.

On the other hand I feel that although Greece has been cheated Europe the last decade the rest of Europe has some responsability of what has happened and that a Europe that leaves behind the weker states cannot be a real Europe because you begin leaving Greece outside the euro and then you may end just returning to a Europe with 17 currencies more and then who knows what else later (just imagine returning back to the past and it is easy to imagine what I mean)

So, what can be done?

Well, I do not know but I feel that a possible solution is that not all the Greek population pays for the people that were running in a wrong way its country. If Greece was cheating the European Union maybe that was happening because some other countries allowed it some way.

If Greece owes money it is normal to ask Greece to pay and it is normal the rest of Europe asks the Greek to be austere. But to what extent?

Some years ago about 15 countries decided to join a trip. Now one of the passengers of the trip is in high trouble. I have the feeling as if Europe was saying to this passenger: you will be able to remain inside the boat as long as you drink little and else less.

While all this Greek tragedy unfolds the Swiss banks are full of money that should have stayed in Greece and the British Museum continues to display what the British Empire took from Greece. What has gone wrong?


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